Library Search

The best place to begin your search for journal articles is our library homepage. Use the Search for books and more search box and select the Journal Articles radio button.

Journal Titles

You can also see a list of the journals we have subscriptions for by clicking the Journal Titles button. If you know the exact reference of the article you are wanting to read, you can also access it this way:


Databases A-Z

You can also search our databases using Databases A-Z. Please note that we don't have access to everything in each database, so it might be quicker to use the library search if you don't know exactly what you need.

Google Scholar

We recommend that you start your search for resources on the library homepage where you can search our subscriptions directly, however you can also find some of our subscribed resources by using Google Scholar.

Google Scholar searches a combination of subscription content and open access content. Be aware that it may not automatically link you to the University of Sunderland subscription. It is, however, possible to edit your settings on Google Scholar to show the full-text availability at Sunderland. On Google Scholar, click on Settings in the top right of the page then click on Library Links and search for the University of Sunderland (click on the magnifying glass and make sure you tick next to University of Sunderland – FullText@UniOfSunderland) and save.

To get full access you may need to log in to external sites using your University user ID and password. Look for the Shibboleth/Institutional/Academic login option.