If you return items to the library after their due date, we will add late charges to your account for every day the item is overdue. Library charges can be paid online 24/7 using a bank card or PayPal by clicking the My Account button on the library homepage. You can also pay library charges in cash at one of our library helpdesks during staffed hours.

Current staff and students log in using your University user ID and password
Guests (e.g. alumni or SCONUL) log in using your library card number and PIN (Don't know your PIN? Get in touch, just let us know your full name and your library card number)

Please note:
Items that are returned or renewed after the due date will accrue late charges.
Late charges need to be paid within a month of them being added to your account, or your account will be automatically suspended.
 'Potential charges/fines' are those that haven't yet been added to your account because the item hasn't been returned or renewed, but the due date has passed.
When items have been overdue for an extended length of time, we will issue a bill for the replacement cost of the item. If you return the item, we will waive the replacement cost and you will only have the late charges to pay.
  If you have lost a book, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing - we will issue you with a bill for the replacement cost.
Library staff can provide full breakdowns of late charges and item replacement costs.