A number of laptops are available for you to borrow from The Murray Library and St. Peter's Library.

Bookable laptops at The Murray Library
Laptops at The Murray Library are available to borrow for 3 days at a time and can be booked online. You will be provided with a laptop charger and bag. Always ensure that you are aware of the return date and time before you borrow a laptop. The laptop, charger, and bag must be returned to The Murray Library by the person who borrowed it. Make sure that the laptop is returned on time as considerable fines are charged for late return. Bookable laptops are only available to borrow and return during staffed hours.

Same day, self-issue laptops at St. Peter's Library
Laptops at St. Peter’s Library are available on a first-come, first served basis located in a LapSafe in the library. You will need your campus card and your PIN to borrow and return a laptop. To reset your PIN, please go to These laptops can only be borrowed on the same day until the building closes. Please allow yourself sufficient time to return the laptop before you need to leave the building. When you return your laptop, please ensure you insert both the power and network cables to complete the return.