From April 16 to June 1, we are making some changes to our spaces to support you during exam time. As well as all of our usual varied rooms and learning spaces, we are offering even more silent and quiet places to revise and study. Our furniture will be rearranged to accommodate new places to revise.

To study quietly - try the study rooms at The Murray Library (including rooms such as the Creative Learning Zone and the Resource Discovery Zone)
To study in silence -  try both the Upper and Lower floors of The Murray Library.
To study in a group - try the study areas at St. Peter's Library, the Middle Floor of The Murray Library, or our bookable Syndicate Rooms.

You can eat throughout our libraries but please be respectful of other students and the environment. If you want to chat whilst you're having your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the best places to go are the catering areas and social spaces.

For more help without even leaving your desk, you can chat with us online.