Why reference?

When preparing a piece of work it is important that any sources you refer to are cited correctly. It is essential that you provide detailed, accurate information about the sources you have used:

• demonstrates the range of research and reading that you have done
• gives authority to the statements you include in your written work
• allows readers of your work to track down the original sources you have used
• ensures that you are not accused of plagiarism

There are various styles of citation but although these vary in style the same principles apply. Your Faculty will advise you on the style you should use.

How the library can help you

Referencing all your sources quickly and correctly couldn’t be easier using the online version of Cite Them Right. Cite Them Right will show you clearly what needs to be included in your reference and give a real-world example.

1) Go to
2) Choose what type of material you want to reference – you can choose from pretty much any material type, including printed book, e-book, journal article, website, government publications, statutes, even posters and sculptures
3) Log in with your University user ID and password when prompted
4) You'll then be given all the theory behind why you reference different materials in different ways, plus the citation order for you to follow

Cite Them Right will default to the Harvard (author-date) referencing system. To select a different system, such as APA or OSCOLA, simply select a different system from the drop-down menu.

We also have paperback copies of Cite Them Right available in the library.

You can also book an appointment with one of our Librarians and Study Advisers if you would like one-to-one support.

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