You will need your campus card, staff card, or guest library access card to use the library access gates. When the light on the top of the gate is blue, hold your card against the 'contactless' icon; the light will turn green and the gates will automatically open. You will need to do this on the way into and out of the library.

If you have forgotten your card or your card does not open the gates, please use the intercom to contact the library helpdesk (during staffed hours) or University Security (during self-service hours) who can let you into the library.

Current students

Your campus card is your University ID – you need it to borrow books from the library, register your attendance, access your print services, certain buildings and facilities and also serves as proof that you are a student. It’s best to keep it handy wherever you are on campus.

If you have lost your campus card, you will need to order a new one as soon as possible. A replacement campus card costs £10 and can be purchased via the University's online store. Any enquiries about your campus card should be directed to The Gateway.

Other guest users

If you have lost your library access card, you will need to request a new one from the Library as soon as possible. A replacement library access card costs £5 and must be paid for online via your library account. Please speak to a member of library staff if you need a replacement access card.