You will need your campus card, staff card, or guest library access card to use the library access gates. Hold your card against the 'contactless' icon and the gates will automatically open. You will need to do this on the way into and out of the library.

Nothing happens when I tap my card

You must wait until the light on top of the gate is blue in order for your card to be read. Hold your card against the 'contactless' icon when the light is blue and wait for the light to turn green. If the gates still dop not open, please use the intercom to speak to a member of staff.

I can hear a quiet, repetitive beep when I tap my card

Please ensure there is sufficient space between you and the gates to allow them to operate correctly. If you are too close, a small red flashing light will be visible at the side of the gate and you will hear a quiet, repetitive beep. Simply take a small step back and the light/beep should stop.

When I tap my card, the light on the top of the gate turns red

The gates will read any card that contains an RFID chip, so as silly as it may sound please check that you are using your campus card, staff card, or library guest access card to operate the gates.

A message should be displayed, which will explain why your card isn't working. For all of the below, please see library staff who will reset your card for you:

Already In - your card didn't register on the way out, so our system thinks you are still in the building
• No Record - there may be an issue with your card or library account, which we need to resolve
• Multiple - you have tried tapping your card in and out too quickly

If you have forgotten your card or your card does not open the gates, please use the intercom to contact the library helpdesk (during staffed hours) or University Security (during self-service hours) who can let you into the library.