We can only accept requests for items which we do not have in our collections, either in print or online, in the University Libraries. You can ask us to supply:

• Books
• Journal articles
• Conference papers
• Reports
• Patents
• Theses


Books are sent to the Library for you to collect; all book loans must be collected from the Library as we are unable to post interlibrary loan books. Some books may be for use in the Library building only; if this happens, we will tell you this when we e-mail you to say the loan has arrived. We may not be able to get copies or loans of some items; if this happens, we will let you know by emailing your University email account. Please allow at least 14 days for items to arrive; this is the length of time it may take if the item is available from The British Library. If it is not available from The British Library, we will try other libraries for you but this will take longer.

Articles and individual book chapters

Journal articles and individual book chapters will be obtained via The British Library’s On-Demand DRM service where possible and e-mailed to your University e-mail account.

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