To request an interlibrary loan, please fill in this short form (log in using your University user ID and password). Enter the details of the book or journal article you need. For book requests, our system will then check these details against our collections to see if we already have a copy available. For journal articles, please use Library Search on our homepage to see if we have direct access to the article (enter the article title into the search box, select 'Journal Articles', then click the magnifying glass).

Please note: we are not able to process requests for items we already have in stock or which we already have online access.

To speed up your request, please enter as much information as possible:

• For a book: author or authors, book title, year published, edition
• For an article: the author or authors, journal title, article title, volume, issue, year and page numbers

If we do not have enough information to process the request, we may e-mail you to ask you to give
us more information.

At the end of the form, please click into 'Collection details' and choose the Library you use the most and the delivery method. You may find you cannot click in the Terms and Conditions box if you have not selected these.

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