What is HE-NHS OpenAthens?

In short, an HE-NHS OpenAthens account gives you access to an additional range of high-quality online resources. As a medical student, you are eligible for access to HE-NHS OpenAthens. In years 1 and 2 you get access via the University of Sunderland to the HEI NHS National (aka Core) Content. From year 3 onwards, once you are on placement and attached to a Trust, you will also be able to access extra content which has been purchased by that Trust.

Which resources do I get access to through HE-NHS OpenAthens?

A wide range of academic journals not available through the University, as well as additional academic and clinical databases including BMJ Best Practice. The full list is available here. The best way to access is via NHS OpenAthens Resources.

How do I set up my HE-NHS OpenAthens account?

1. You will be sent an email invite to access HE-NHS OpenAthens in the first few weeks of your course. Your username will start: nhsac....
2. Find the email from and click on the activation link (Please check your junk mail - if you still cannot find the email contact
3. Create a password

I have my username and password - where do I log into HE-NHS OpenAthens?

Go to This is the best place to log in and you can manage your account from this URL.

Where do I access HE-NHS OpenAthens resources?

Recommended URL for access once logged in: It has a better interface and gives links to the most-used resources. You can now also use the middle button at the top of the page. You can also see a list of resources in the My Resources link on the login page above.

How do I use HE-NHS OpenAthens resources?

I have forgotten my password

Go to You will need to enter your university email in the format

I'm having trouble logging in to HE-NHS OpenAthens

Closing down your browser completely, then go back to the page
Clearing your browser's cache
You can also add this URL to your bookmarks, this will sign you out of whichever account you are using:
If you experience this problem regularly, you can use a separate browser for your HE-NHS OpenAthens account and set it to clear cache and history each time you close it down. Instructions on how to set up a browser this way for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari and Opera.
• This video explains a login issue you may come across - it is very easy to solve once you have the link.
If you have any questions or experience any problems, contact us at Library Talk.

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