How will I receive interlibrary loan articles and chapters?

Articles, individual book chapters, and other similar online materials will be supplied via the British Library’s On Demand service where possible and emailed to your University of Sunderland e-mail account.

How long do I have to access the material I have requested?

Once you receive the email containing a link to the material, you have 30 days to download the document. After that, it will no longer be available from the link you have been sent. If files are not downloaded, access from the download link will cease after 30 days and the item will need to be reordered.

Once you have downloaded the document you can view it for 3 years.

How many times can I print the material?

You may print only one paper copy, from which you may not make any further copies. You may not make further electronic copies or convert the file into any other format. You may not cut and paste or otherwise alter the text.

Can I share the material with other people?

Only you may access the material you have been sent.

Why won't my document download or open?

The download link will remain live for 30 days from the date of the original email. If the download link has expired, the item will need to be reordered.