Laptops are available to borrow from lap safes at St. Peter's Library, The Murray Library, and The Gateway. These are completely self-service machines and there is no need to ask at the building helpdesks for staff to release the laptops.

To borrow a laptop you will need your campus card and your PIN. To set your PIN, please go to

This is the lap safe at The Murray Library:

Photograph of the lap safe on the middle floor of The Murray Library
Image: Lap safe on the Ground Level of The Murray Library

1) At the touch screen, select the loan length on the screen. Long loan is currently 7 days.

2) Tap your card on the lap safe (black contactless symbol), as shown on the screen below:

3) Enter your PIN.

4) You will be asked to accept the laptop borrowing terms and conditions.

5) Once accepted, you will be told which locker will be unlocked. The example below shows that locker FA02 will be unlocked and the laptop will be loaned until 13/05/2021 23:59.

6) As instructed on the screen, go to the locker number indicated and tap your card on the contactless symbol on the tower. The locker should unlock and you can now remove the laptop. Please be careful when unplugging the power and network cables attached to the locker. Please close the locker door when you have removed the laptop (and charger and/or bag if applicable).

Please read this FAQ for more on borrowing a self-service laptop: