The following explains how to use the University's PrintOnline service to print from your laptop to University printers.

1) Use your University user Id and password to log into PrintOnline at

2) Upload your document by clicking 'Choose File', selecting your document, and clicking 'Next'. Your document will appear in the print list. After a couple of seconds, the document status will change from 'Awaiting processing' to 'Awaiting release'.

3) Manage the print settings by clicking the 'Advanced' option box. You will now be able to specify limited print settings when the document status is 'Awaiting release'.

4) Send your document to print by selecting either B&W or Colour. Your document should now be ready to release from one of the printers.

Please note: You will not be able to print custom settings via PrintOnline (e.g. multiple slides or pages per sheet).

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