If you use PubMed and have a 'My NCBI' account save results and searches in PubMed, you will now see the following message when you sign in: "The ability to create usernames and passwords has been disabled, but don't worry! You can still create an account using one of our 3rd party sign-in options." In doing this, you are actively consenting by signing up to the sharing of attributes with PubMed. It has the added benefit of your PubMed account and personalisation features continuing beyond the completion of your studies, as they won’t be tied to your University account.

Existing users

If you already have a username & password for a 'My NCBI' account, you can still log in using it by clicking on ‘Sign In with a 3rd party account’ then ‘Sign in with an NCBI account’. You have until June 2022 to add a third-party sign-in option to your 'My NCBI' account. If you do not do this by the deadline, you will lose anything saved. Please see the attached guidance for adding a third-party option.

New users

You will now have to use a thirrd0party sign-in option, which includes Google and Facebook.

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