Collections to support the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries have moved to Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St. Peter’s and are now located at St. Peter’s Library and Library@DavidGoldman. Some of the media collections have moved to Library@DavidGoldman.

Use Library Search to find the exact shelf location and availability of a print book. You can return books you have borrowed to any of our Library spaces. If there is a book you would like to collect from a different Library space, you can reserve it to be collected from Library@Murray, Library@DavidGoldman, or St. Peter’s Library.

Collections located at Library@DavidGoldman

Library@DavidGoldman holds collections to support the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries.

The subjects covered are:

Photography Computer Art Film Video
Music Performing Arts Literature History

Collections located at St. Peter's Library

St. Peter's Library holds collections to support the Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, and Faculty of Education and Society.

The subjects covered are:

Exhibition Catalogues Arts Architecture Sculpture
Graphic Arts Painting Printmaking Media
Literature History Education Social Sciences
Computing Engineering Business Law

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