ProQuest Ebook Central

Text Only Mode is an option that can be turned on in this platform when using a screen reader such as JAWS or VoiceOver. When you access ProQuest Ebook Central using a screen reader, your screen reader will read out instructions for turning on Text Only Mode. Once turned on, Ebook Central's interface changes to a text-based view and you can use the screen reader to read the text on the screen and control navigation. 

Please note that Text Only Mode is supported on laptops and desktops only (not tablets or phones). Click here to read more about supported devices and browsers.


This platform has a built-in text-to-speech reader, available through ‘Read Online’ which can be used from both desktop and mobile views. If you wish to have an e-book held on this platform read out loud to you, simply open the e-book to read online and then click the ReadALoud icon next to each page.

To use screenreaders such as JAWS or NVDA you will need to download the e-book you wish to read to Adobe Digital Editions. VLeBooks recommends that you refer to the software manufacturers' own user guides for further information.

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