ProQuest Ebook Central

  1. Click here to visit ProQuest Ebook Central.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Enter your University of Sunderland e-mail details.
  5. From here, you can enable or disable Text Only Mode and OpenDyslexic typeface.

Other features include:

• Colours, contrasts, and fonts: These can be changed in your browser settings or by using plugins or extensions to change colour and contrast. OpenDyslexic typeface can be turned on following the instructions above.
• Magnification: Inbuilt browser features can be used to zoom in up to 300%. Plugins and extensions can be used for further magnification.
• Keyboard navigation:  The tab, enter, and arrow keys can be used to navigate the website menus, perform searches, and read online.
• Screenreaders: The ProQuest Ebook Central website is compatible with screen readers. Click here to read more about supported devices and browsers.
• Text-to-speech: An embedded text-to-speech tool is not available from ProQuest Ebook Central, however, this feature is available as browser plug-ins for most browsers and is built into many devices. You can read more about having an e-book read aloud to you in our FAQs.
• Formats: ProQuest Ebook Central offer books in either EPUB or PDF format.

For more information on choosing your reading experience, and to learn about the variety of features available when reading online, watch this video from ProQuest Ebook Central.



  1. Open a book in Read Online mode.
  2. Click Settings (cog symbol).
  3. Click Accessibility - here you can enable high contrast mode, dyslexic font, and reading ruler, adjust line, character, and word spacing, and change the page colour.
  4. Click Colours - here you can set background and font colours of your own choice.

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