You can add a citation from a website, using Leganto's Cite It! bookmarklet which you can add to your browser's bookmark bar. When you are browsing websites, Cite It! allows you to add the resource on the current page as citation to a reading list in Leganto.

Adding Cite It! to your browser's bookmarks bar

Open Leganto and click on your initials in the top right-hand corner. Click Cite It! from the menu and follow the instructions that should appear on your screen. You will need to add the bookmarklet to each browser you use if you use more than one.

Using Cite It!

You must be logged in to Leganto to use Cite It!. If you try to use Cite It! but you are not logged in, you are prompted to log in.

While on a website that contains a resource that you would like to add to a reading list, click the bookmarklet to open up the Cite It! pane. Cite It! automatically populates the title, URL, and other details about web-based resources. You will need to check for accuracy before adding anything to your lists.

You can add resources to collections or lists.

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