As a commitment to supporting you with the rise in the cost of living, University Library Services will no longer charge daily fines for books that you do not return within the 28-day loan period. 

The purpose of library fines is to encourage people to return books so that they are available for you to borrow. We ask that despite the removal of fines, you think about others and return your books when you no longer need them. Remember that the majority of your reading will be available in e-book format, making it available exactly when you need it.

Please note that you will receive email reminders for print books that are not returned or renewed within 28 days and will still be required to pay the replacement cost of books you do not return. The replacement costs will be waived once the items are returned. Charges for the late return of University laptops borrowed from Library and Gateway lapsafes will remain in place but will be reduced.

If you are unable to return or renew your books please contact us as quickly as possible

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