Books can be reserved to be collected from St. Peter's Library, Library@Murray, and Library@DavidGoldman. Please allow a minimum of three working days for these to be ready. You will receive an email notification when the items you have reserved are ready to collect from the reservation shelves. 

1) Find the item you need by using Library Search.

2) Sign in to see request options:

3) Follow the instructions on the screen and sign in using your University user ID and password. If you are eligible to place reservations, you should now see the option to request the item:

4) Click 'Request', select the pickup location, and then send your request. (Please note: Staff and students based at our Sunderland Campus are not permitted to request items at, or collect items from, London Campus.)


Things to note

• If the item you need is on loan, there may be an e-copy available that you can access immediately. 

• Please only place a reservation on an item if you are able to collect it. If you no longer need an item please cancel the reservation so we can make the item available to the next person in the queue.

• When your reservation is ready for you to collect we will send a notification to your University of Sunderland email account. The item will be placed on the reservation shelves at your chosen collection site. Please collect and issue the item using a self-issue unit and your University campus or staff card. We hold items for you for 7 days from the date of the notification. After this time we will make the item available to the next person in the queue.