Laptops are available to borrow from lapsafes on campus. Laptops are available for either same-day or 7-day loans.

Borrowing a laptop - click for details

To borrow a laptop you will need your campus card and your PIN.

Select the loan length on the screen, tap your card on the lap safe, and then enter your PIN. You will be asked to accept the laptop borrowing terms and conditions. Once accepted, you will be told which tower and locker to go to on the screen. Tap your card on the lap safe again and the locker will unlock. You can now remove the laptop. Please be careful when unplugging the power and network cables attached to the locker.

You can only borrow one laptop from a lapsafe at a time.

Returning a laptop - click for details

You will need your campus card and PIN to return your laptop to the lapsafe from which it was borrowed.

When you return your laptop, please ensure you insert both the power and network cables from the locker to the laptop in order to complete the return. Please make sure you return the laptop charger when you return your laptop.

Important notes

Questions: If you have any questions regarding your laptop loan, please contact us at Library Talk.

• Chargers: 7-day loans come with a charger. Same-day loans do not come with a charger as they are intended for use within the Library buildings or elsewhere on campus due to the short due date.

Bags: Laptops from the Gateway lapsafes come with a bag. Laptops from Library space lapsafes do not come with a bag; please ensure you bring a suitable bag in which to transport your laptop safely. 

• Password: You will need to join a network e.g. eduroam and then sign in with your University e-mail address and password.

• Renewals and late charges: A laptop loan cannot be renewed. If you borrow a laptop, you must return it to the lapsafe from which it was borrowed, on or before the due date. You can see the due date by logging into your Library account. If you return the laptop after this date, you will be charged £5 per day or part day the laptop is overdue for up to 7 days (max charge £35). If the laptop is still not returned, the laptop will be classed as missing and you will be liable for the laptop replacement value. Please see the terms and conditions of the loan of a University Library laptop for full details of these charges.

Make and modelAll University self-service laptops are brands such as Acer, Toshiba, HP, etc; there are no Apple MacBooks available to borrow.

London Campus laptops: Click here for information on lapsafes at London Campus.

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