We use EzProxy to make it quicker and easier for you to access resources through our website, such as journal articles and databases. You will see in the URL for many of our e-resources, they begin with ''.

You can access online resources by going directly to the database or publisher website. If you are unable to open an article and get an error message saying 'ezproxy is unresponsive', please see the attached list for the direct URLs for many of the databases to which we subscribe. You will need to log in to them by using the Shibboleth, Academic, or Institutional log in option.

If you do not know which database an article is available in, please see below.


For example, 'The development and evaluation of a ‘blended’ enquiry based learning model for mental health nursing students: “making your experience count”' is available to us through ScienceDirect, as shown below:

To access this article and miss out EzProxy, go to, click 'Sign In' in the top right-hand corner, then 'Sign in via your institution', then find and click 'University of Sunderland', and log in with your University user ID and password. You will see you are logged in as in the top right-hand corner it will say 'Brought to you by: University of Sunderland'. You can then search ScienceDirect for the article and access the full text as you have logged in so ScienceDirect knows you are a University of Sunderland student or member of staff.

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